Homo noosphericus

A portrait of the artist who became his own art

25th July 2011


Just as air is the atmosphere of the body, so time is the atmosphere of the mind. If the time in which we live consists of uneven months and days regulated by mechanized minutes and hours, that is what becomes of our mind. It is no wonder that the atmosphere in which we live daily become more polluted, and the greatest complaint is "I just don't have enough time!" Whoever owns your time owns your mind. Own your own time, and you will know your own mind.  — Jose Arg�elles, "The Call of Pacal Votan: A Treatise on Time Viewed from its Own Dimension"

Throughout his life, Jose Arg�elles was above all a man who opened doors in people's minds.

His achievement cannot yet be comprehended by most thinkers, forget understood by the general public, who are trapped in the poison time Arg�elles tried all his life to fix. Actually, he's fixed it, and you just haven't yet received the news. (This Tuesday (7/26/11), BTW, is the first day of the last year of the Mayan calendar. Monday is the Day Out of Time. This is the device around which post-apocalyptic culture will congeal � and heal.)

Zooming around the planet in the last decade of his life, Arg�elles united Iraqi Sufis and Pazyryk shamans, black Muslims and Russian engineers with the infectious common sense of his creation � the Mayan-based 13-moon calendar � and the positive changes it portends for humanity. His globe-hopping actions were nothing less than the artist becoming his art, a living, breathing example of what he described as being a functioning piece of the architecture of the universe, and setting an example for everybody to be the life-giving apotheosis of whichever artform captures their hearts and becomes indispensable to their lives.

He had become a "biosolar telepath," in synch with the universe, all because he adjusted his view of time, and then spent decades filling us in on the details. More than a few people have listened, heard, and internalized this wisdom.

As Arg�elles operated in more than one dimension (his syllabus of them in "The Arcturus Probe" is concise and factual), many misunderstandings arose about the nature of his quest from fellow travelers in pursuit of this elusive story behind the stories. Arg�elles' unabashed spirituality threw off some of the more empirically minded researchers because of its connection to groups pretending spirituality but seemingly aiming at something else.

Yet throughout his odyssey � compiled in retrospect � his achievement and the implementation of it, was utterly enormous and inspiring, the artist painting the world with his art, becoming his art, and acting out a behavioral paradigm for others to follow and emulate in the quest for a peaceful future. Only man in recent memory to play his flute at a Shinto shrine. Only an artist so true to his art that he became it.

Art is function. What if the function of this particular piece of art is greater than anything yet discovered by human beings? What if the changing of the way we regard the supposedly simple concept of time changes the nature of everything we do? Which it does. And now you are on the cusp of a great discovery. Ask yourself this. Do you have the right time? And more importantly, has the time you have had been good to you?

The name Arg�elles adopted in the last decade of his life, Valum Votan, is not so much a personal name as an archetypal category. There were other Valum Votans, so it's kind of like an honorary title. Arg�elles, speaking with a resonance of dimensions with which most of us are not familiar, would have described them as messengers from other galactic civilizations introducing codes into our behavioral patterns that regulate our lives. Such a paradigm was 12:60 time, now called Gregorian time after the Pope who implemented its usage in AD 1568. Arg�elles regarded himself, in the ten years of prophecies he integrated into the daily significances of his calendar, as one of these messengers.

Better 13:20 time, natural time. The Earth, and also the universe, know no time zones, or certainly not the ones we have come to know that separate us into isolated pockets, imprisoned by mechanical time, ruled by wars, profit and misery. Time is money, they say. The saying is clearly killing us.

The Red Queen's diary

Explaining the work of Jose Arg�elles to the uninitiated is a daunting task, because the thoughts of this activist artist cover so much ground, especially about the universe beyond our planet. Combined with his heartfelt history of introducing his concepts to other New Age groups whose focus often eludes the general public, many have turned away from his work thinking it was just more groovy New Age badinage without realizing the mathematical and historical underpinnings of his computations and conclusions.

Stephanie South's brand new biography of Arg�elles and his work � "Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change: The Visionary Life and Work of Jose Arg�elles" � focuses on the last part of his life and his travels to significant points all over the world to meet with those who recognized his message. In these travels Arg�elles most certainly became his own art, as he had been becoming in every step of his memorable incarnation. His history of associations and ideas � Earth Day, Earth Ascending, Harmonic Convergence, Mayan Factor, Dreamspell, Arcturus Probe, Telektonon, and The Cube � reads like a roadmap of human evolution over the past 50 years. All of it guided by an epiphany at the top of the pyramid of Teotihuacan as a teenager, and a trip to a clock museum in Switzerland.

As his longtime fan and later official apprentice, South's abridged diary of Arg�elles' final 13 years shows both the depth of his affectionate connections with spiritual leaders all over the world, but also the tenacity of his vision when knocking on doors, many of which remained closed to his ideas. What is perhaps most surprising is that people all over the world know about Arg�elles' work with the calendar � except in the United States, where suicidal materialism has blotted out just about everything not related to money.

South's taut journal of what had to have been overarching emotional experiences throughout the life of Jose Arg�elles � so daring and deep were his ideas � is a promising gauge of what she will publish for the 13-moon calendar campaign. As the Red Queen she is sitting on a serious amount of cosmic documentation recorded by Arg�elles that awaits publication.

Her journalist's training is reflected in the relative dispassion in the book's narrative, just like Jose, saving it all for the larger message, the point to be made, and the life to be lived. Her book was completed and read by Arg�elles shortly before he died earlier this year.

Surfing the Zuvuya

Each person will resonate to different aspects of Arg�elles reflective observations on just about everything. As a longtime believer in his work since I first saw the calendar in the early 1990s, I enjoyed scouring the text for meaningful nuggets such as these:

"No one would choose a path like this � it chooses you."

His basic message, triggered by his Mayan epiphanies and discoveries, never changed.

"By living in artificial time, humanity is deviating from nature. Unless humanity returns to living the cycles of nature, it will end up destroying itself and the biosphere.".

The basic premise of his Telektonon prophecy? "The humans are living an error in time . . . The consensual belief in the 12:60 mental field has created an artificial, yet totally illusory, mental shield around the planet. The impact of this artificial frequency creates frenzied human activities that destroy its natural environment, yet offers no vision for a possible human existence other than a materialistic "time is money" way of life.".

"As the collective timing frequency of the race, the 28-day cycle is the mental instrument to bring about universal telepathy among the species. Without conscious collective acceptance of the 28-day cycle, the human race will falter in its collective will and spirit, and rather than bringing about the transition from the biosphere to the noosphere, the humans will end their cycle in a biospheric catastrophe.".

South wrote: "Jose believed that the Earth is a solar life-form that functions as a radio receiver, transformer and transmitter . . . He reasoned himself to be a microconductor of solar-galactic energies delivering the peace plan to different energy spots on the Earth, and thus depositing a specific set of thought-forms into the geomantic astral realm of each location.".

A little further along, she describes one of his epiphanies. "He observed how in modern society the human is converted into a consumer, one whose life and values are determined by his/her ability to purchase and consume cheap and meaningless goods often made in overseas sweatshops. As a result, a mass human crisis has ensued.".

From the biosphere to the noosphere.

Welcome to the Psychozoic Era. "Jose reasoned that this world would be born after 2013, when the spiritual nature of reality is understood in a scientific way (see my "The Lost Light," http://johnkaminski.info/pages/the_next_chapter/the_lost_light.htm), and in which our evolution continues, but in a community of galactic intelligence.".

In his incredible travels, Jose got snubbed by the Vatican. His response was a masterpiece..

" . . . as a species, humanity has long since broken its sacred trust. Each day that trust is shattered anew. As a result, of all the Earth's species, only man is lost. Moving ever faster, expanding everywhere in ever-diminishing circles of awareness, in pursuit of goals devoid of all spiritual value, humanity's leaders are puffed up and conceited enough by their own cleverness to not even consider that they might be lost, totally off the mark, doomed to certain destruction. The virtual reality of the machine gains power as man becomes reduced to all but machine-made life options. This condition spells spiritual death. Yet, who is there willing or even capable of addressing the fact of humanity's spiritual death, and who is there, if they could hear this message, that would not only listen, but change direction?".

At the creation of the Rinri Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge Project in Japan, at the First Planetary Congress of Biospheric Rights, he said this:.

"Being the only species with self-reflective power of thought and action, the humans have abused their uniqueness to create a biospherically destructive, technological aberration of itself. As a consequence, humanity has now virtually replaced its innate biological culture with a system of war in which humans are pitched in materialistic competition with other humans, driven by a belief that their uniqueness constitutes their superiority over nature. This is a fatal fallacy. In the presumption of superiority, humanity has, in practice, abandoned any higher guiding criterion for evaluating its own collective behavior. The continuous creation of and reliance upon complexly defined and arbitrary human laws only compounds the error of human deviation from the biospheric norm, placing humanity frothier and farther afield from the biospheric norm, while at the same time creating ever greater threat to the continuity of the biosphere itself.".

Right after Arg�elles had written the first part of Principia Mathematica of the Fourth Dimension, "the Rinri Project, a global telepathic/scientific experiment with the goal of manifesting a "circumpolar rainbow bridge" around the planet.".

He believed the telepathic engagement of the world psi bank, or noosphere, would hasten the "biosphere/noosphere" transition, the most spectacular shift in human evolution. This would ultimately result in the collective creation of a rainbow bridge around the Earth..

A culture of peace.

"This new world, the Psychozoic Era of whole Earth Consciousness, will emerge when we are all one planetary superbeing enjoying the galactic culture of universal peace.".

He also said this..

"All debts now existing as well as the very concept of debt and poverty are due to living in the 12:60 time frame.".

Author Daniel Pinchbeck predicted Arg�elles would soon come to be known as one of the greatest thinkers in history. In his late 50s, Arg�elles wrote in his journal:.

"As self-recognition gives way to self-realization, other selves emerge, until one day the self that one thought of as oneself since birth no longer answers to the call of its name, or, rather, hears it like one long dead in bemused wonderment." He speculated that he might be just a piece of the behavioral piece of the architecture of the universe, which has a different name and face in each generation.".

Just as I had reached the point to dismiss all references to ETs as garbled interpretations of genetically internalized preliterate echoes of misunderstood ancient utterances, Jose wiped all that away with the very open-ended attitude he has exhibited throughout his inspirational career..

"The ETs are manifestations of the possibilities of consciousness operating in spiritual freedom dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment of all that is." Hard to argue with that..

Jose spent the final years of his life perusing the mysteries of the Holy Qu'ran, but he had always related to the ways of the truly spiritual, and late in his life he contemplated a universal religion. "Universal religion is the measure of spiritual unification attained by intelligent species throughout the different world systems of this and other galaxies.".

The last words for a dying time.

"Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change" concludes with an essay by Arg�elles about the regeneration of Planet Earth..

He notes: " . . . most scientists are reluctant to really examine and own what is in their own minds.".

He called the noosphere "an unconscious mental zone covering the entire world.".

He added: " . . . it is our thinking that is at the root of the destruction of the world.".

"It is not so much that the biosphere is in crisis, as it is the noosphere is having a nervous breakdown � a good sign that it is about to grow up.".

"The noospheric pollution is nothing but the multiply jabbering thoughtforms � the jabberwocky � crowded into this lower dimensional illusion that the physical is the sole reality. It is this illusion that grips the mind of humanity to this very day, the cause of all its ills and woes.".

"What's good for business is bad for the biosphere.".

"The very notion of the noosphere as a mental sphere indicates a direction of evolution from the physical to the nonphysical, from the material to the mental. To solve our problems we need to raise our intelligence, not develop more technology. And if we cannot raise our own intelligence we must consider whether or not there is some intelligence elsewhere in the universe that might not be capable of responding to our crisis and give us some assistance. Not necessarily material assistance, but assistance in the form of some mental spiritual shock or boost, altering our perceptions radically and causing us to find solutions where before none existed.".

Tomorrow, as it happens, comes the annual Mayan calendar Day Out of Time. The day after tomorrow begins the future and what we will make of it.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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