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About that person you always hoped to be

5th December 2011

Understand this: A society ruled by pretenders to immortality and historic priestly rule generates only unjust death to both its opposers and its adherents; whereas, a society ruled by philosophers who accept our finitude as a natural and unalterable occurrence and plan society to prepare for it realistically guarantees not only peace and understanding — but an end to all wars!

In my future I imagine humans to be known throughout the universe as the one safe bet, the one reliable friend, the one dependable sanctuary for any member of any living species in need.

In my present I observe our diseased human family, stricken with a fatal blind spot in its own perception, pretending to possess these noble sentiments but cowering in fear at the suicidal deception that now demolishes the very goals it claims to desire.

In my future I see Planet Earth as a beacon for common sense, compassion, trustworthiness and realism that would serve as a model beneficial to all species, and harmful to none.

In my present I cringe at thousands of generations of human beings who have killed people they could have loved in order to gain something that cannot be achieved.

Immortality. The No. 1 human need. Fool's gold. An utterly destructive delusion. Humans have yet to learn that no matter how many people you kill, you cannot kill your own death. Nor have they heeded Buddha's words that when two enemies speak honestly of their own deaths, their quarrels cease. At once.

Nothing in the universe, nothing in our terrestrial nature, is immortal. Stars constantly burn out, microorganisms are constantly being born. Everything that lives pulses, in and out, life and death. And this is how the universe breathes, and grows, and it too eventually dies.

Thus, to advocate for eternal life is false promise to begin with, a self delusion, and a terrible curse of cowardice that has befallen all of us and prevented us from comprehending the real lesson of life.

If you are convinced that following the priests' twisted rules are nothing but magicians' gibberish to control you, what is the next best thing you can do?

There's only one answer. Realize that everyone you know and everyone you don't know has the same problem, and instead of trying to rip them off so you can prove yourself superior (a proxy action to subliminally convince yourself of your immortality), how much wiser it is — how much richer you become — to console them and try to make them feel better, because we're all going to the same place, and we need to help each other get there as usefully and purposefully as possible. Why? Because everything you have in this life came from someone else — get it? It wasn't given to you by God, it was given to you by another person.

If you think your soul is riding solo, you better think again. You didn't get here entirely of your own accord, did you?

Pay attention. All the planets in the solar system are heating up, soon to blossom into the unimaginable future. Whether life on them is only now emerging, or whether we are just beginning to perceive life that already exists there doesn't really matter. Now, consider that your own mind is beginning to light up in the same way.

The information we can gather on the Internet shows the patterns of control that have imprisoned us, limited our horizon of thought. By understanding these patterns we may detoxify and neutralize them.

Foremost to remedy is the mechanism of political control, utterly locked up by one small cohort of pathological perverts, brandishing an insane philosophy that commands its followers to rob and murder everyone they can.

Like a mental virus, this mechanism of political control has wormed its way into and polluted every avenue of human endeavor with its bloodthirsty megalomania. This is not an ingrained human trait; this is demonic social conditioning.

Any realistic attempt to restore a healthy balance to human society must begin with the neutralization and quarantining of everything Judaic, which is poison to all the non Jews of the world, and guarantees their deaths in most cases. A worldwide quarantine and auditing of all Jewish activities is in order, and must be conducted by impartial observers if the world hopes to achieve any kind of authentic sanity.

On the dark side — and directly as a result of Jewish psychological hegemony — probably more than half the population of the northern hemisphere has already been stricken by an ultimately fatal dose of radiation, the nanobots from the chemtrails have already penetrated everybody on the planet (think of tiny radio controlled helicopters in your brain), the already poisoned food supply is ready to be shut down to force mass starvation, fake protesters badger fake politicians over fake issues, and our trusted doctors murder us slowly in order to empty our wallets.

Oh yes, the money is about to be worthless, and you can believe absolutely nothing you hear on TV.

In my future we got past all that by finally understanding that a society based on the supernatural powers granted to preachers of immortality and religious righteousness guaranteed corruption and perversion because its principal tenets were not only improperly stolen from its inventors but were really only projected human emotions to begin with, later converted by psychopathological manipulators into the figure of a man who magically rose from the tomb and became the Son of God. It was all metaphorical spiritual vaudeville, meant to convince you of the lie that you do not die, when in fact you do.

Not facing this is the chief problem of the world.

In my present, for the world to grasp this reality would result in a worldwide nervous breakdown, which is exactly what needs to happen. What people don't understand in their initial panic of having their gods and everything they believe suddenly taken away from them would be more than offset by the new realism that would engulf the world, replacing the automatonistic adherence to competing religious cults with genuine compassion for each other.

The restrictive shells of our bogus social conditioning would fall away and we would emerge from the smelly shroud of demonic dogma into the sparkling unimpeded vision of unlocked minds much brighter and happier than we are today.

In my future we learned that humanity had been lying to itself all this time, and that in the course of that lying had killed all the fairest flowers in its fields. We are but the self-mutilated remnants of that inheritance, the weeds that escaped the endless bloodletting and took root with this necessary con game called civilization.

The key to success would be converting the karmic resonance lost to imaginary gods which has seriously diminished and depleted our species, to redirect that emotion into a worldwide veneration of the remaining indigenous peoples of the planet, which would demonstrate to everyone how really we love ourselves, rather than sticking to that unsavory religious crap everyone brandishes as their reason for killing other people.

All religions teach people to hate other people because they're not like them. But as Thomas Jefferson eloquently pointed out, this is not God's fault; this is the priests' fault.

In my present we witness these lies being enforced by laws that aim to eliminate all forms of independent consciousness essential to anyone's freedom and liberty in favor of legally enforceable prescribed ways of thinking, violations of which usually result in the end of your freedom and your life.

In my future we progressed past that by realizing that our so-called leaders are not really our real leaders at all, but merely cutouts nurtured from an early age and deployed, like John Kerry was in Boston, to rise above the throng and commandeer a Senate seat, and be prepared to be president of the United States, a position which is really only overt junior cellblock boss over American serfs totally neutered and lobotomized by the respectable American mainstream press and educational system.

In my present we endure the hollow daytime TV hogwash of the so-called presidential candidates, all echoing the Project Monarch candidate Michelle Bachman, "first we have to pay down the debt", except for the good Dr. Paul, whom all the Jewish-paid robots characterize as a flake, but who is the only candidate in recent memory ever to use the word Constitution.

In my future the eternal words of the ancient Greek philosopher Solon rule the world. In six hundred something BC he said the last person you want to rule your society is a politician, because a politician, like a lawyer, does not believe in anything but what his clients pay him to believe. A politician, like a lawyer, cannot even be a good citizen, never mind a good leader, because he has no soul of his own, having sold it to stay alive.

In my present the world is sorely afflicted by politicians who are lawyers, every one of them having sold the American republic, piece by piece, year by year, to the Jewish bankers of London, Frankfurt and the rich palaces of Germany, France and Switzerland. Now they are destroying the entire world, and salivating over the prospect of rebuilding contracts.

In my future these people had all been declared incurably insane and consigned to the Big Jewish Pen in Birobidjian, where they were restricted to preying on themselves instead of all the non Jews of the world.

In my present all thoughts of craftsmanship and keeping your word to your friends have gone out the window, all science and art polluted by the same infernal albatross — how much does it cost? And in the haggling was decided the fate of the planet.

Clearly . . . unfit to continue, and danger to itself and others. I'm talking about humanity here. In its present state, unwelcome everywhere in the animal community; in fact, certain death to most species. Unwelcome in the animal kingdom means unwelcome in the universe.

We are ineligible to contact any kind of other civilization or species, because we have proven beyond doubt that we're a danger to all life forms simply on the basis of our record of contact with other species on this planet. No symbiosis yet, only abuse, exploitation and extinction. That's humanity's karmic recipe, I fear. The evidence has piled up pretty deep.

We are going extinct, if we continue on our present course.

In my future that doesn't happen. In my present, every indication is that it will.

What we must prize most is intellectual honesty. That is the way to freedom for all. And that is the way to the eternal life we have been mesmerized with and conditioned to covet.

My 91-year-old friend Helen, who earned the post-mortem wrath of her family for being my best supporter for 20 years, told me last year shortly before she passed, as she was enduring an increasing string of ailments, "You know, sometimes you can live too long."

Get it through your thick phriggin' head. Immortality does not exist in nature, or, if you can cite some kind of paramecium or neutrino (on the theory that light is actually alive), immortality does not exist among the human species except in the human mind, which unfortunately has polluted all of reality with its fear.

And yet the entire world has been run on this madcap dash total panic anesthesia principle since day 1 of the written word. Because it is our biggest fear, and justifiably so.

So as the human mind wriggled under the strain of its termination date, it invented solutions to the problem, magic incantations to ward off evil spells that always pertain to survival, and everything stolen from the original model, the Egyptian concept of Ma'at and the Feather of Truth, and Horus as the savior intercessor who can save the unsaveable from oblivion; it guaranteed to itself a future corruption, perversion and incomprehensible bloodletting.

In my future humans had stopped deliberately creating new diseases to make money and realized that health was a matter of action, rather than reaction. All children were guaranteed to have two opposite sex parents throughout childhood, and people no longer commuted to work because the real work was exactly where they stood.

In my present the overwhelming curses of poverty and crime derail every human being from his destined fate as he is regulated into acceptable norms of creation that have been provided by an invisible intelligentsia intent on enslaving and exploiting you.

In my future we have only one race: a human race comprised of people with different colored skin and varying degrees of intelligence and accomplishment. All are automatically entitled to the same unencumbered rights, including a functional appeal from exploitation by the brighter bulbs. Anyone who opposes this idea, who suggests that one group in intrinsically better than another, is immediately quarantined with the other pervs.

In my present, we have only one human tribe of different colors and traits, and one set of Jewish predatory wolves we need to get off our backs pronto.

In my future, killing anything has become an absurd impossibility, because everybody has what they need, and everyone is raised healthy.

In my present, ruled by the preachers of immortality, killing everything has become the inevitable outcome of all activity.

In my present, we're killing people for nothing. The Jews have organized the whole thing, pushed the right buttons, and are sitting back laughing at the sight of us non Jews killing each other while they count the money they've stolen from us.

I'd say it's time to take the American flag and shove it down the throats of the people who are doing this to us — all of them.

In my future I'd like to believe that our species' common goal as a society is to make laughter reign beyond the Sun for as long as the future shall be. To make the Earth a beacon for hope, love, liberty, freedom and justice to shine the human message across the universe that all life deserves to be loved, protected and cherished.

But in the present my something to shoot for becomes, of necessity, something far darker. Our leaders, the ones who operate our artificial reality, have recently declared a new law which states that anyone may be arrested and disappeared with no explanation necessary.

So the question now becomes for everyone not something to shoot for, but someone to shoot at. No more discussion is necessary. They have passed a law that allows them to kill us without explaining the reason why, on the say-so of a cutout politician who has no verifiable history.

This also jeopardizes the lives of every cop in the United States, because the federal government has announced it can kill anyone it wants for no reason. The next time you're stopped by a cop you must decide — do you shoot him on the spot, or risk giving up your life?

In my future anybody who voted for this would earn instant execution for such a blatant violation of everyone's rights.

In my present this seems to mean a comatose populace will be led like sleepwalking sheep to the slaughter.

We must kill this insane government before it kills any more of us.

Ask no more if you have something to shoot for, because now, clearly, you have something to shoot at.

Any governmental system that does not have as its basis unfettered individual liberty is not worth talking about.

The game is now kill or be killed, and we're losing, big time.

In my future this would never happen. It my present it is well under way.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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