2012 — the final battle

. . . for the perpetuation of individual liberty and control of the future of life on Planet Earth


3rd January 2012

So . . . the entire history of Planet Earth came down to one final battle between the metaphrand fleet and the DARPA drones. It began today, January 1, AD 2012, and you are definitely a participant in it.

The metaphrand fleet, composed of unaffiliated individual seekers from across time and space in search of the ultimate god, which is freedom of thought, now grown strong through the neural networks materialized by the Internet, swarmed over the hypocritical, murderous control mechanisms in a tsunami of outrage, and like they did in Hungary, began their own cancer treatment protocols on the robot soul drone people pushing the buttons of death. We wish.

Even though more people began to realize that you can't reason with someone who is determined to kill or enslave you, this realization had no immediate effect. The coma was too deep. Reality had long since been converted into a tapestry of deception. Even though their lives depended on it, the vast bulk of the population remained unaware of the battle raging about them, or about how their smug somnambulence was the enemy's chief weapon and would eventually cost them their lives.

Meanwhile, it was announced that real time fleets of U.S. government robot drone killing machines hereand herecan all be controlled from a single I-phone, making the contours of what is in store for the people of America amazingly like what has been experienced by the people of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Palestine, Japan, China and most of the other nonwhite, non Western banker controlled, and Jewish sabotaged countries of the world. Already U.S. county sheriffs are calling in drones to ferret out pot growers and weapons collectors.

Then again, if I-phone hackers can wrest control of the drones like the Iranians did with that Stealth bomber they managed to snatch out of the sky, the revolution could take a formidable turn if all the hackers of the world were to turn on the NATO killing machine. Hint hint.

I said this years ago. It is the intent of our masters to make the whole world just like Palestine. Already they are going house to house in New Orleans relieving people of their weapons


Cities across America — Camden, Detroit, East Los Angeles, the Arizona border — are already no-go zones for ordinary human beings, and large portions of the U.S. have been contaminated by a variety of deliberately committed poison waste atrocities.

The DARPA drones — and this includes people as well as the flying killing machines that mow down wedding parties in Afghanistan when a distracted minimum wage employee pushes a button in Tampa — march to the hollowheaded beat of their authoritarian employers. Both are following that timeless wisdom of 'you have to go along to get along' as well as the dictates of robot drone presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann, who says "we have to kill those people because they might kill us, and besides, God wants us to."

This philosophy is what has positioned our magnificently beneficent biosphere at the point of collapse as we face the revocation of the conditions necessary to maintaining our own lives. The future they have planned for us is that we will have to pay to stay alive, and the programs you'll get will be much worse than what's on TV today.

To the DARPA drones, this is just another profit strategy. What do a few thousand dead Muslims compare with millions in your pocket under the table? So what that we poison the atmosphere? Buy stock in oxygen producing companies!

The DARPA drones, led of course by self justifying Jewish psychologists, were hellbent on creating their own twisted paradise, just like the Hebrew moneylenders have done to every country they have lain their hands on on this planet. The Jews, God's Chosen People, are the smug residents of walled enclosures, while the feckless bovines they have allowed to remain alive clean latrines at their country clubs, unless selected for involuntary kidney donation.

Worst of all the DARPA drones are the "cogent" commentators on the Internet who pretend to be critical of Israel and give their dual citizen Israeli-American Jewish sponsors a wink and a nod. They wind up talking about the "good" Jews who are being snookered by the "bad" Jews. Of course, the world now knows for sure there is only one kind.

Most of the real metaphrand people had been blackballed from their professions for expressing politically incorrect thoughts, yet those who weren't suicided ( Gary Webb, Hunter S. Thompson, Vince Foster, James Forrestal http://www.dcdave.com/article4/021110.html ) or murdered ( Gordon Kahl, Paul Wellstone, Brian Quig, Thomas Manton, John Wheeler http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEbRM3GdT7E ) managed to coalesce into a clumsy alliance for which the relevant litmus was the understanding that monotheism is a manipulative mind control hoax, and our supposedly democratic government was merely an administrative echo of this cult of hypocritical, deliberately deceptive secrecy.

Which is why it's so important to know that this god Yahweh, like Jesus, like Allah, exists only as a sanctified public relations device by which to control the masses, not as an all-powerful deity who monitors your every move and decides if you go to heaven.

There is an overarching entity we can only perceive as spiritual that seems to control and determine everything we know and everything in the universe. Any name humans ascribe to this entity can NEVER be anything more than a human projection, an awed approximation of forces we do not — and possibly cannot — ever fully comprehend.

This confusion of abstract metaphorical certainty with empirical observation and material construction, generally called soul or spirit, produces only two things — a limit on what, and how, you are allowed to think. Which is why all the evidence that proves the hoax of Christianity is kept secret in the Vatican Library. And the corruption that comes with trying to prove the truth of a lie.

This is the secret of the corruption that is strangling us. The entire monotheistic structure of belief that dominates the world is an utter, vicious, hypocritical and deadly hoax that has been played on the human race by those who like to dominate others, rather than love them and appreciate them.

You'd have to be pretty brain dead not to know by now that life in the United States has been strangled by Jewish dominance on every front, 360 degrees, of human activity. Which is precisely why our lives are now at serious risk of ending on a moment's notice from a threat that comes at us from 360 degrees, because everything — and I mean everything — is controlled by Jews.

Name the field and I'll tell you about the perversion of it, from religion to art and the sciences, from corrupt kings to progressive "citizens" of the corporation who think they are free but have no knowledge of how to survive on their own . . . take a look around and try to find one thing you have acquired in this life that does not have Jewish fingerprints on the faulty materials it is made of.

Most especially, Jewish fingerprints on everything you believe, from the God you worship to the disintegrating state you pledge allegiance to, from the first lesson you ever learned in school to the very last moment before your unexpected death, never mind the pathetic puppets whom we claim to be our best citizens who tell us now they have the right to kill us, and we no longer have the right to appeal that decision, nor, to even defend ourselves.

The delicious irony in of all this, for those who still maintain their fantasy that the USA is actually a functioning republic anymore, is that the people who make the decisions as to whose life will be terminated without trial are the same people who are waging all these wars that the whole world knows are nothing but high level robberies taking place by the bandits who own all the weapons, the bandits whose military budget is much higher than the combined military budgets of all the other nations of the world.

I wrote in 2005 a little pamphlet titled "The Day America Died: Why You Shouldn't Believe the Government's Version of What Happened on September 11, 2001."

I guess the cadaver of the land of the free and the home of the brave has been twitching all this time in a post mortem death spasm.

The masses cower in fear, afraid to believe what I'm saying is true, but knowing that it is.

What the masses don't really understand is that they have already been murdered, even if they're still breathing for a little while longer. Their lives have already been taken away by a century's worth of stealthy subversion of the ever elusive and most mystical American way of life that is about to culminate in the destruction of everything that ever made this continent beautiful, as well as the deaths of most of the tyranny-resistant people who live on it.

Intelligent people all over the planet are now required to realize that their governments are shams, only prostituted pimps selling their own people for fancy and frequent vacations, while the men who control the commodities that their media says we need tell these puppets how to fleece us, ever faster, ever more mercilessly.

If they are allowed to remain in power, most of us won't make it until the end of the year.

Whether you like it or not, the battle is on.

Your decision will determine whether any kind of revolution is here.

I guess it's all about how real you think your life really is, and whether it's really worth saving, as you listen to your leaders who says they're doing these things for our own good, but from all appearances seem to be conspiring to eliminate large numbers of you and me.

It doesn't matter what you call them, aliens or angels or any kind of other thought control device. The term is just a cloak for devious humans trying to assert their will through the controlled ignorance of others.

Almost everything that assails humanity is simply a manifested projection of its own suppressed fear.

The American people are way out of line for letting all this happen. The whole world needs to deal with this subterranean Jewish control and manipulation of everything before everybody's dead.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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