The shadowmasters' garage


23 Decemebr 2011

World society has devolved into sociopathy. The platform of our reality has shattered. You can no longer believe what you hear and see. Things you counted on as being true no longer exist. A president who never tells the truth can now take your life for any reason he chooses. A choreographed reality of contrived events conceals massive systemic crimes against those who are not on the inside of the deception. Millions of people have been murdered in wars triggered by false flag lies. Wars are deliberately caused by Jewish bankers controlling both sides of every conflict. People are put in jail for trying to tell the truth. The government censors radiation websites while people are forced to eat radioactive food. Everyone's money has been stolen by Jewish bankers. You can't trust your doctors; the medicines they use kill people, deliberately. Worst of all, all our history is proving false. Our religions are based on false information to control us. Our newscasts are written by rich people covering up their own crimes. The powers that be deliberately create weather disasters so the rich can steal land from the poor. Parents who watch too much TV can no longer trust their children. Many people who pretend to be on our side are not. There is no one to turn to, except yourself.

It was a neighborhood like any other in a rundown American suburb. Beneath a huge oak tree severely damaged by leaf blight and highway soot stood an ordinary garage, paint peeling, cobwebs in the corners, old doors just beginning to become unhinged, and roof shingles curling skyward, like they were trying to get to heaven in the shadow of dead smokestacks.

As usual, on a Saturday morning, unusually warm for December, Beanie and Whiplash were down at the shadowmasters' garage, tinkering with this secret gadget they'd acquired — presumably by mail, possibly over the Internet — some months earlier. Ronnie and the Daytonas were playing some surfer song on the table radio as the boys sipped coffee, these white haired children having both arrived on motorcycles, despite their sedentary suburban status.

"Like you were saying, Whiplash my boy, in the human mind, your wallet has become more important than your life. The world says what's in your wallet is who you are. What I'm saying, what Skylax has been saying, is that that is definitely not who you are, and the result of trying to be that causes everything bad. People who view money as the measure of all achievement — that attitude is the very badge of their slavery and the greatest danger to everyone's survival."

"I know what you mean, Beanie. When money is all that matters, all the music seems to become meaningless, just one more extravagantly empty idiocy after another. You know what I realized the other day: in fifty years of listening to pop music I never heard one genuinely conscious song on the radio, only what was dictated by the powers that be. I think the last one I heard was Barry McGuire's "Eve of Destruction" in 1963.


Nothing since. Nothing but pablum. It's really sickening how all those people put on all those emotions for disingenuous hipsters directed by the Jewish music titans. They are revered as pop heroes, but they really are just like politicians — flakmen for the mob. We goyim really are so stupid."

"I can top that one, Whiplash. You know what I figured out? The Roman church suppressed all that ancient knowledge and hid it in the Vatican Library to cover up the fact that pre-flood society was ruled by blacks, called Naygahs, who built Stonehenge, according to Higgins, and were the forebears of the Buddha himself, according to the tenets of Northern Mahayana Buddhism."


"We don't know anything, do we, Beanie?"

"Well, as you know, it's all about taking control of ourselves and divesting ourselves of the control by others. Which is exactly why we're here. How's your 'project' coming, Whiplash?"

"I can't completely grok how the metaphrand replaces the soul."

Beanie smiled, and threw a couple of key lime crepes into the toaster oven.

"It's the same thing — except you choose what it does, you choose the directions it obeys, rather than be programmed by insane pederasts writing 3000 years ago who misrepresented their Phoenician masters as divine beings when in reality they were just people who knew how to write and had iron weapons and explosive devices, things the natives knew nothing about. Did you realize the story of Prometheus was really about guns and explosives?"

"Besides, the metaphrand is a lot like the Tibetan Book of the Dead, an intriguing path to be followed when you die, but more importantly a series of lessons for the living, in fact, a practical operating system for living, and how to create a more organized, realistic and comfortable life."

"Did Skylax show you his metaphrand?"

"Of course."

"Well . . . ?"

"Yes, it looks rather like a very large Lamborghini with fleece seats and fuzzy pillows. Of course it can be any color, but he keeps it red in his garage, so he can find it, he says. Very spacious cockpit. 360 degree windshield. A viginitillabyte of storage. It's shaped like a milkweed pod, about 35 feet long. It is essentially a malleable bubble with impermeable walls and a chameleonic surface. Storage is no problem because it miniaturizes down to a nanoparticle but still retains all its properties and abilities.

"The metaphrand is essentially the aura of your life. It's also the wallpaper of your brain that you see when you go to sleep. It has the attributes of both a ' shekinah ' (the divine presence of God) and a ' merkabah ' (the chariot of God drawn by angels), from which it derives its incredible power. Stereo system is out of this world, and connects to biological networks with actual translations of the whale songs.

"It is powered by the triangulated synthesis of the male, female and universal vibe principles, the combination of which produces unlimited power. This is the real holy ghost, with a lot more than four on the floor and priests trying to grope you. Oh yes, and it has a bank of 236 computer screens, too, one for each dimension; kinda looks like a TV studio. The real holy ghost — as if you didn't know already — is knowledge.

"He says he doesn't know how large the metaphrand could actually get — he insists everything already has a metaphrand, including the planet and the solar system — but shrinking and enlarging could be a very important attribute when the gamma ray burst hits us.


It's hard to conceptualize trying to dodge a neutrino.

"You need to remember that this was HIS metaphrand, Whiplash. I designed mine much differently. Everybody designs their own metaphrand to their own specifications with no input from anyone. You make it exactly how you want it to be, and how it will benefit you most effectively and realistically."

"And he said he didn't install a bed in his metaphrand because you don't sleep after you're dead."

"Ha. That's a good one, Beanie. But did he tell you WHAT it is?"

"Yes, it's the construction of an analog mind space that takes the place of the soul, which has been poisoned by centuries of demonstrably insane dogma. Skylax has been talking about this for years. You clean out all the human-generated God poisons from your soul, do the basic Starship Detox protocols. Don't worry, going into the universal vibe, your ship has to be clean or you can't get in. As a result, you do things because YOU KNOW they're right, not because somebody else told you they were right."

"But what about the eternal life thing, Beanie?

"Well, Skylax says all the power you could ever imagine comes through the interface with the universal vibe, which is far beyond all religions of the Earth and animates all living things. You see it most clearly when you lapse into gratitude mode; then synchronicity starts to show and everybody winds up smiling and giving thanks. This particularly comes into play with the tripartite human. When the physical body dies, your astral and etheric bodies actually remain alive — as light particles beyond the human ability to perceive — they stay gathered and coherent for thirty to forty five minutes after you flatline."

"During that period, if you have prepared yourself prior to departure to merge the light particles of your astral and etheric bodies with the life-giving light of the Sun — to which you have always been connected and animated by — then you can find your way to any number of additional but always non-eternal lives, as your liberated astral and etheric light particles cohere with another living being, or animate something nonliving into life, or perhaps even manifest a physical body out of its own desire. Primarily, this disconnection from the physical body reveals all sorts of previously unimagined dimensions and planes of existence."

"Does that mean if you die at night, you're screwed, Beanie?"

"Ha, I don't know that part, Whiplash, but I wouldn't think so. All this takes place inside your brain, anyway. I don't think Skylax knew the answer to that one."

"But most people — alchemists and such — who try this and gain eternal life wind up regretting it, and feeling like a glass of milk left unrefrigerated for several weeks. Then, having attained eternal life, they have to commit the greatest crime of all, which is committing suicide when you have eternal life.

Living on sunlight links:

"If there's one thing Skylax has tried to make clear, it's this, Whiplash."

"It is the greatest mistake humans have ever made — striving for eternal life, because it is the one thing that is not possible anywhere in the universe. That it became the top goal of every human being is understandable, because there is nothing more beautiful than life, nothing more desirable. They say in the bardo (that period in Buddhist theology between lifetimes) that the longing for one's lost life becomes so strong, so incredibly overwhelming, that we have no choice BUT to reincarnate, because the memory of life — especially once you've lost it — becomes so magnetically sweet."

"The greatest question, Whiplash . . . the greatest question that humanity has never asked is — now that we know we can't live forever in our physical bodies, what is the next best thing we thing we can do? What is the point of our being here? To pile up as many toys as possible to anesthetize yourself from your inevitable fate? To exploit and enslave as many others as possible and then glory in their inferiority? And, of course, everything you see happening in the world today is a result of not asking that question. Those with the strongest belief in eternal life wind up being the greatest killers. It is much more important to know WHY we die than anything else."

"Yes, I remember that one, Beanie. Without death, the possibility of love does not exist."

"That's right. And love is the only valid export of Planet Earth. Otherwise, given our situation of life as a temporary lease in corporeality, we have no other valid excuse for being here."

"It's the only thing that explains how an utterly abused and abandoned child can, through understanding love, become loving and compassionate. Happens every day but it's never in the newspapers. All it takes is a few real friends. Newspapers only run stories to worry you so you'll buy more things."

"The only reason we try to defeat others in all these games and all these wars is because we are constantly trying to defeat our own death, which can't be done."

"What about weapons, Beanie? Does the metaphrand have any weapons?

"I asked Skylax about that, Whiplash. He said he hadn't really thought about them, but he noted that weapons always eventually kill the wielder of them, and usually also kill the thing that they love most; that nothing was ever solved by weapons; and that the triumphs we seek as individuals and teams of whatever type usually miss the real point of life completely. What was it Ernest Becker said about scapegoating? Killing others seems to lessen our own fear of death. It is the ultimate psychopathology."

Whiplash interrupted. "As the Jews so well know, the best weapon is evasion, but that only works to a certain point. Beyond that point you have to stand and fight as best you can, and that time is now. Have no fear, gentle goyim, that you will prevail in a fair fight against the Jews, because the Jews are cowards, and always get other dupes to do their killing. But your skill will be tested because the Jews do not fight fairly, plus they've given you 99 percent of the data you've accumulated in your lifetime. That's why what you put in your metaphrand becomes so important; in fact, vital (which means your life depends on it)."

Beanie continued. "Although all this seems imaginary, conceptual type stuff to most people, there is a way to perceive it through Carlos Castaneda's concept of the assemblage point.


The metaphrand and the assemblage point are essentially the same thing.


It's key to the operation of the metaphrand to know how to adjust your assemblage point."

"The concept of the metaphrand derives from the late great Princeton psychohistorian Julian Jaynes, who defined it as a metaphorical vessel into which we put our thoughts, "the thing to be described." Twenty three years ago, in 1988, when Skylax wrote about it in his "Starship Footnotes", he called it "the ship that saved the world from itself."

"Much more recently than that he wrote in "The Path" that your path, everyone's path, is your own life tracked backwards from the point when you first realize you can do it. This process refines the items you store in your metaphrand, only the best stuff. Rule 1: no God poisons. No camouflaged subjective propaganda by religious zealots trying to control you and who only use it as a hammer to exterminate competing interpretations of the laws of the universe.

"This decision makes your receptivity to the divine principles and laws of the universe much clearer. Organized religions actually prevent you from feeling the divine; they are a filter between you and the Big Kahuna that accounts for most of the devious evil in the world, as Thomas Jefferson so rightly pointed out.


Worship the universe. It is us. Worship the universe and venerate everything in it that lives.

Remember that all the people who aren't building their own metaphrands for the purpose of overthrowing all the tyrannical governments in the world at once are quietly waiting to be exterminated by their own government at any time.

This is all about troubleshooting the mechanics of your own process of abstract thinking, and creating a repository in your own mind that is hermetically sealed off from the rest of your conscious thought processes, a safety deposit box in which you put your most valuable mental possessions, and protect them — seal them off — from all the misguided poisons, principally in the form of bogus information, that you have ingested throughout your life. A place that can withstand torture. You could call it your 'bug out' bag for check out time.

We can't fix anything by organizing into groups and opposing the powers that be. Jewish infiltration of everything has become far too sophisticated to accomplish anything on that level. Like J. B. Campbell says, the only thing you get out of Christianity is to be deceived and abused throughout your life, and then get crucified unjustifiably. And humanity has been taught to believe this is a good thing.

No, this process has to occur inside everyone's brain, everyone's heart, to do the right thing reflexively, without a second thought, like the Egyptians did it before they were sodomized by the Hebrews. As long as our lives are based on this concept of our own eternal salvation — which effectively atomizes society, increases alienation (for more consistent human spending habits), and makes us forsake our own families — we are doomed to endless wars and fatal diseases, because we have not even asked the first right question — why are we really here? What are we really supposed to do?

We're all going to the party at the end of time. Regardless how you live, you get to spend eternity with everyone you ever knew while living. That's the real heaven and hell. If you can't get along with your family, if you can't get along with the ones you love, who the hell ARE you going to get along with?

The important thing is not living a perfect life; nobody does that: if they say they do, they're hypocrites. The important thing is learning from your mistakes and not repeating them more than ten times.

All Jewish information is tainted, because they're out to kill off the rest of the world; keep it out of your starship, or you definitely won't make it to where you're trying to go. (Eustace Mullins, paraphrased)

We can have any reality we want, but we can't accept theirs. If we do, we're doomed, and our families and all our children are doomed, too.

I bet you didn't know it, but there's a shadowmasters' garage in your neighborhood, too, and chances are excellent if you've read this far that it's yours

Trust yourself to dream — and act. We all love you and miss you, and are thrilled to know you're gonna make it. See you at the party.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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