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Do not be inveigled by poseurs; the goal is to clearly ID the perps

28th Ocotober 2011

If you want to call me an anti-Semite for mentioning it, then you too are an insincere robot stooge trying to conceal your own guilt

In these giddy and confusing days, you will do well to keep two things in mind in all situations, two things that we have all neglected to keep in mind � or have been prevented from learning about at all � throughout our entire lives.

The first is patriotism. You came through school with your hand across your heart. Year after year, you've seen the bemedaled buffoons at the parades, their flags and their fifes and drums. Yellow ribbons. My country right or wrong. They send their children off to die for reasons they will never fully comprehend. If they really did it would kill them. None of these people ever knew the real reasons for the conflict in which they lost their sons. That information was and is kept from them by the people who arranged the wars. They sacrificed their children for the good life they were allowed to live, but they never got the real reason � ever.

Which is why we can't get one now.

The deluded and usually drunk veterans in their VFW caps wax poetic over their heroic exploits in this conflict or that, and stand up tall in the parade on Veterans Day. None of them know the real reason for the bloodbaths in which they lost their friends. They only know they followed orders as best they could, some suffered and some survived. But whose orders they really were is something all those people under all those white tombstones never knew. Even now, precious few people know. You think it's the presidents and prime ministers. It isn't.

An even smaller group is Americans who can view the U.S. through foreign eyes. The view is of a merciless, bloodstained monster that never, in its long and storied history, has told the truth about anything, or kept any promise it ever made to anyone (including its own people). America, run by the Jews or not, makes stones bleed.

Why it has to be this way is a question that has been uttered by millions of people over the eons. They never got the real reason either, only cheering crowds for the victors, most of whom never really understood what they were cheering. It seems now we were cheering our inexorable slide toward regimented totalitarianism, herded into a group mindset that brought us to Hillary Clinton making a crude joke about Muammar Qaddafi being beaten to death in the street.

This is a bellwether statement about American culture that all the world has noticed (not that the world needs any more information about the barbaric practices of Americans). This is the way we will be treated when we no longer have the upper hand, and deservedly so.

To any American who retains any semblance of patriotic urges, let me just shout from the highest rooftop: "What the hell are you cheering about? What are you proud about? Mass murder of the entire world?"

How many major American massacres do you wish to recount, from the Philippines on up to the present day shattering of Libya? You can't count them all, can you? Think of how many unjust American murders you have had to pretend didn't happen. And as you wave your flag, you ignore that this is the basis of your secure happiness (such as it is in these feckless bovine days).

The second important thing to remember I wanted to mention to you is not to be involved in Democratic or Republican BS. They're the same, put in place only to give you the illusion that you still live in a free country, which has definitely not been the case since 2001 or long before. Just think of all the people who have been murdered for trying to tell the truth. Homeland Security really stands for Protect the Predators while they fleece the prey. When's the next bogus bailout for bonuses?

There is a much larger, much more important focus you should use � the hegemony of the bankers, which goes back 400 years. All this time, international bankers have engineered every war by corrupting leaders and capsizing countries with debt, which cause them to go to war to steal money to pay the bankers.

This modern form of tyranny began with the killing of the king of England in 1654. Shortly thereafter came the readmission of Jews into England (they had been kicked out 400 years before, for loan sharking, of course). With Cromwell they bribed their way back and ever since England has been controlled from the behind the scenes by the Jewish bankers in the City of London. Know this fact, and you know that what's happening today has happened in the same way in every generation down through time.

How will you know that? By following the trail of blood down through time of wars and revolutions that would never have happened but for the evil machinations of the behind-the-scenes bankers. Both World Wars happened at the bankers' behest. The plundering of Libya was about stealing all of Africa's possessions.

And no, it is not my fault that all these bankers, from the Rothschild ascendancy in the 1770s (whose financing of both sides made possible the American Revolutionary War) to Ben Shalom Bernanke today, are Jewish. If you want to call me an anti-Semite for mentioning it, then you too are an insincere robot stooge trying to conceal your own guilt.

But I, like you, am a victim of this colossal social swindle that prevents us both from living honorable and decent lives not shriveled by this ubiquitous and capricious hidden hand that mysteriously diminishes our lives.

And speaking of our newly shortened expected life spans, I had an insight about the total blackout of worldwide radiation news, and how they got away with it. The answer is simple and sad. People don't want to know about it. They don't want to eat kelp. They want to keep eating their Twinkies.

This ties in with an even darker, larger theme � that the entire object of society, every single thing, was invented to keep us from thinking about death. Instantly you shudder and turn away from the obvious truth.

"Oh don't be so morbid!" you reflectively exclaim.

As I told you before, and Buddha told you too, that failure to think about death and contemplate what it actually means in terms of yourself, your family, and the world you live in is the surest way of guaranteeing it will happen prematurely to all three.

And that's exactly where we are today, where all the palaver is offbase, aimed at a false and unattainable goal, and millions of people killing each other over needless nonsense, that could all be eliminated almost instantly all over the world by the one simple step of taking someone's head in your hands, looking in his or her eyes, and saying: "I know what it's like. We're all going to die. Now, what was it we were arguing about . . . ?"

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail:

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