When evil casts no shadow

17th October 2011

The only way evil can cast no shadow is because it has taken control of the light, and what we perceive as brightness is really quite dim.

And that's what we have in the world today, we can't ever see who's really running the show. All these important things are kept secret from us proles � the black budget, they used to call it; now it's nanobots raining down from the sky and permeating our epidermises with control mechanisms we can't even imagine, I'm talking nanocontrol mechanisms that are already inside you, eating away at you, from the GM foods, the Claritin, and the chemtrails running amok in your bloodstream right now.

Our brightness is really quite dim, do you understand? These sublime paintings of Christ's Last Supper or Enoch's Seventh Heaven that have been implanted in our brains as the be-all and end-all of ecstatic visions. Golden sunrises with Christ's or Buddha's or Krishna's heart rays emanating out from the center of the picture. In your self-congratulatory rapture, you fail to notice the strict limitation this has placed on your consciousness. Drowned out by imaginary choirs of heaven, you can no longer hear the voice of God in the babbling of the brook, which is where � not inside some cement building � it properly belongs.

It's kind of like American education � the less of it you have, the better off you are. People are slowly finding out. The game's a scam. Whereas life doesn't have to be. Like all plants and animals, water responds to how you treat it and what you say to it. Like all living things. Water, like pets, keeps no books, but remembers every single thing that happened to it. Because we keep books we don't.

But what do we have in the world today? An invisible curtain draped over our minds like some sort of lingering chemtrail, channeling our objectives toward a goal that can never be achieved, and destroying everything human and holy in its woeful wake with the corruption and crime that this aura of fearful holiness conceals and facilitates. When we stopped talking to animals and the land, we stopped talking to God, and 2000 years ago, began listening to the disembodied voice of a fearsome and fearful robot construct, designed to look like an all-knowing messiah.

Everybody knows what evil is. You don't need some book to describe it to you. Ironic that the most evil thing is a book telling you what evil is.

I've been saying lately, after about 40 years of surveying the world's ancient history literature, that everything written after 300 AD is less trustworthy than everything written before because it is stained by the giant yellow filter of enforced orthodoxy, which deliberately destroyed all competing histories because they interfered with Rome's propaganda purposes to standardize and permanently imprison human thought. Which was a wildly successful endeavor.

This message, this deception, this sociological template has been fortified and embellished, twisted and polished thousands of times since.

The message was and is � you will know the truth if you just believe this lie. This is the position most people are in � a cul de sac of human evolution, a trap. And a trap that guarantees irrelevance and extinction. This message conceals the well known fact that you can have any kind of immortality you want if you just walk through the twin doorways of gratitude and kindness. It's all right there at your fingertips, no middleman needed.

And speaking of two things � or, really the same thing in two places � that have really disturbed me lately, and hammered home the point that no matter how many protesters you might see in the streets of the world today, the real point of any and every crisis never gets addressed. Have you each and every day wondered why that is?

Probably not. Too busy. Right? Itemize your excuses, and wonder why you thought they were so important. Then, ask: who put that idea in your mind?

The first glaring omission I noticed was during the 9/11 tenth anniversary brouhaha, when thousands of demonstrators trotted out their various versions of what and how went down that day, and yet, when the smoke had cleared, no part of this expectoration of outrage and doubt ever addressed the central issue of the matter in any coherent way. Jews, for Pete's sake. Their odor permeates every fiber of the 9/11 tapestry, right down to the most trivial matter. From Hellerstein to Hauer and on and on, a smelly trail that leads directly to Israel through Wall Street.

None of this was ever heard on TV. Do I have to say why? Television is completely and toxically Jewish. In the Jewish reality, all non Jews should be exterminated or enslaved. And yet, addicted Americans turn to their poisoners for that thing they call reality.

It is not incorrect at this point to conclude the world is truly mad, made mad by its false goals sold to everyone by these traveling salesmen of death.

And now on Wall Street, OWS, frothing at the mouth in every city in the world about the "bankers," let's see how Jewish media can spin this one away from themselves. I'm sure they'll find a way, they always do.

Both of these public exhibitions of so-called citizen outrage fail to make the connection. 9/11 opened a window to the genuinely sordid history of American political behavior for which all Americans must bear responsibility. The fact that they were and are semi-conscious puppets of demonic Jewish designers does not nullify this responsibility nor immunize them from prosecution for crimes against the world.

When evil casts no shadow, one of two things must be true. You have no way to see your approaching doom, or you have no wish to see it.

I can't decide which is the dominant factor. After ten years of supposedly intense scrutiny, the 9/11 skeptics couldn't put the puzzle together. It was a Jew job every step of the way, and still is.

Now the Wall Street "rebels", many of whom are Jews, are pretending they have the real answers without ever addressing the real problem, which is the core philosophy of Judaism, which permits � enthusiastically advocates! � killing for no reason in the service of plunder.

But still glued to their TVs, most people know nothing of this, preferring to believe in jihadist Muslims, Satanic Catholics, or hatemongering extraterrestrials � or, the new category, homegrown terrorists (only an Israeli could think that one up).

When evil casts no shadow, the people are blind and their hearts are dead.

On his popular cable TV show, Jon Stewart Leibowitz once made a joke about how the Jews runs the world. First, all the gentiles in his audience laughed nervously. Then he raised his eyebrows, and all the Jews in the audience laughed knowingly.

Dr. William Pierce explains it best:

Protocols of Zion Explained

By not watching and understanding this 25 minutes of information, you are demonstrating the very reason HOW this evil on the brink of destroying us all casts no shadow in the minds of those who will not listen and cannot hear.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, urging people to understand that no problem in the world can be authentically addressed without first analyzing tangents caused by Jewish perfidy, which has subverted and diminished every aspect of human endeavor throughout history. Support for his work is wholly derived from people who can understand what he�s saying and know what it means.

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